Korad KA3005P – Remote Control via Matlab

Software Requirements

  • Matlab (R2006b or newer, only R2022a tested)
  • Instrument Control Toolbox

Quick Start Guide

  1. Connect the Outlet and power on the instrument.
  2. Connect the USB cable from the instrument to your PC.
  3. Verify that the serial port has been detected correctly.
    Under Windows: Open the “hardware manager” via the search option.
    Note: There is no need to install custom USB drivers, the default windows driver is sufficient.
  4. Open Matlab -> Apps (register card) -> Instrument Control (Test & Measurement Tool)
  5. Expand the Serial menu -> Select the serial port the instrumented to (here COM3) -> Press Connect (refer to figure 1). If there are no COM-ports listed or connecting throws an error, try Scan on the Serial page.
Figure 1: Connecting to the instrument.
  1. Leave all the dropdown menus unchanged.
  2. Refer to the pdf at the bottom of this page for a list of all available commands and enter a command in the Data to write field.
Figure 2: Settings and entering commands.
  1. If the command is a query (those with a “?” on the end) press either Query or Write followed by Read to get back an answer. If you only wish to set a parameter with the command, just press Write.
Figure 3: Querying the serial number.
  1. Afterwards, you can Export the received data to your Matlab workspace by pressing Export. The tool also automatically generates a transcript of all your send commands which can be viewed and exported under Session Log.
Figure 4: Session log with sent commands.

Additional Resources