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  • IVI Driver Deepdive

    IVI Driver Deepdive

    IVI drivers are the standard for instrument remote control. It supports various interfaces, including ethernet, usb, gpib and RS232. Additionaly instruments can be exchanged without the need to recompile the code by using the IVI configuration store. This article provides an overview of the different driver types and classes and describes their differences. It also contains a quick-start guide for the impatient and explains the configuration store.

  • The Rust Programming Language

    The Rust Programming Language

    This article aims to provide a first look at the main features of the Rust programming language and its syntax. It is by now means exhaustive or technical, for more information, refer to the rust book. Ownership & Borrowing Rust achieves memory safety by a concept, named: “ownership” and “borrowing”.Every value has an owner: Here […]