Projects Timeline

Aug 2022

Nodal Analysis Command Line Interface

Insert a circuit and analyse its dc operating point using nodal analysis.

May 2022

Bode-Plot App

Aquire frequency response plots using an oscilloscope and a function generator connected over ethernet.

April 2021


Modular steel frame construction, solid wood worktop, a great table.

May 2020

6040 CNC

A Chinese import CNC engraver. Built the table and the controller.

Feb 2019

LiPo Booster/Charger

A small form factor 5v 1A boost converter and LiPo-Battery charger with integrated safety features. Originally intended for use in a gameboy.

July 2018

Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Shows ten frequencies from 32 Hz to 16 kHz. It uses only through-hole components on a two-layer PCB.

Oct 2017

Football-Robot Mainboard

A PCB for my schools football-robotics team.

May 2017

RPI Gameboy

A RPI 3b based Gameboy emulator running ReTroPie.